Dream man with a girl.

Friday, January 27th 2017. | Happy Valentine’s Day

Where there is great love, there are always wishes. Willa Cather

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It was raining. When I saw you for the first time, in a place with dreamy fog. You were so handsome, strong & gentle.  You were looking like a fairy tale prince. It was as if sparkles of lights were dancing between us and we couldn’t stop and couldn’t stop ourselves from just looking at one another.

We don’t talk to each other. Our hearts have already been united for eternity.

Every detail and movement, every breath is significant since we have definite to live as one, to breathe as one. Our eyes met and spoke a language of silence that only the two of us could read. And since that day my life has taken its twist. I look into your eyes. It’s so romantic attractive black eyes I still remember the way you made me sting with your handsome honest smile. When standing beside me & want to say something about to us then I opened my eyes. Oh! It’s a daydream. Bad dream or sweet dream I don’t understood.

I have been watching you regularly in my dreams. Same story happening. Today I wake up in the morning. I was having my coffee. Soft wind blowing, sun is shining so romantic weather. Suddenly I felt someone played my hair with his finger. I was look behind me. I had seen your smile. Oh my creature (ALLAH) it’s my imagine. I don’t know if I going to find you, where ever you are or not? Still I miss you in my real life.